You can initiate your chat box and integrate better snippet with your website in a number of ways. Please ensure that you have the latest chat box snippet installed on your site before continuing.


You need to get your chat box initiation code.
Visit acquire.io and click a Sign Up.
Once logged In then click on integration button and inside widget section get chat box initiation code.


Integrate AcquireIO into an existing App on the App Store, allowing customers to video call directly through their mobile.

Webhook API

Hi, Developer!
This tutorial will help you intergrate your tools with Tagove Chat using webhooks. To use Tagove webhook service, you need to complete the simple steps.

You can configure Tagove chat to instantly notify to about particular events that are happening in your chat. Such notification is called a webhook. Its is just a simple POST request that is send to your server when a particular event occurs.